Studying theology

The norm for those seeking ordination for stipendiary ministry is that they should have completed a recognised tertiary qualification in theology and/or ministry. They may have done this at a theological college, university or training college or some candidates may have done it by extension. The Board of Ministry will need to see a transcript of the candidate’s courses and results, and work with each candidate to plan their study and formation.

For information about the two Victorian theological schools you can visit their websites:
Trinity College Theological School
Ridley College

Ordained Local Ministry (OLM)
Those seeking ordination as Ordained Local Ministers undertake the diocesan-based Ministry Training and Formation Programme. For the academic component the Programme uses the Australis Certificate of Ministry. The Australis Certificate of Ministry is an entry level two year program covering the basics of Biblical studies, Church History, Theology and Ministry and Ethics.

Ordained Pioneer Ministry
For the time being, Ordained Pioneer Ministry candidates will be managed depending upon each individual candidate’s training and formation requirements.

All candidates in each category of ordained ministry will have to satisfy the Board of Ministry’s requirements prior to ordination.

A prayer to use as you contemplate study and ministry:
I know you love me and have plans for me.
But sometimes I am overwhelmed by the thought of my future.
Show me how to walk forward one day at a time.
May I take heart while I search openly,
learn all about the choices,
listen to others for advice,
and pay attention to my own feelings.
By doing these things, may I hear your call to live a life
that will let me love as only I can,
and allow me to serve others
with the special gifts you have given me.
I ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen


Archdeacon George Hemmings

Ministry Development Officer