Bencourt Care

The purposes of Bencourt Care Inc. are to contribute to the mission of the Anglican Church, in particular within the Anglican Diocese of Bendigo, by providing in accordance with Christian values for the relief of need, suffering, sickness, helplessness or poverty of people in the community including, but not limited to:

  • identifying and developing a range of community care services in an efficient and effective manner to meet identified needs;
  • managing care services in locations of identified need;
  • seeking out and serving children, young people and adults who are financially, emotionally or socially disadvantaged or marginalised;
  • undertaking, carrying on or carrying out any other charitable work or charitable purpose; and
  • as an incidental activity, participating at a national state and local level in issues of social justice associated with the provision of care services.


Programs supported by funding through Bencourt Care include:

  • Chaplaincy – healthcare
  • Chaplaincy – community
  • Community meals
  • Community Assistance Centres
  • Community Programs (eg. Education Services, Children’s camp, Bendigo Family and Financial Services)