Australis Certificate of Ministry

Growing your ministry, faith and discipleship in a vibrant, local learning community.

The Australis Certificate of Ministry will help you know your Bible well, reflect intelligently on your faith, worship God wholeheartedly, serve your community with humility and hope, and celebrate the diversity of gifts, perspectives and experiences among God’s people.

Australis Certificate of Ministry Units

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  1. Experiencing Christian Faith
    How do we experience Christian faith through praying, using the Bible, singing, worship, story and discipleship?
  2. User’s Guide to the Old Testament
    How do stories, wisdom and instructions from the distant past help us to live as God’s people in twenty first century Australia.
  3. User’s Guide to the New Testament
    Learning from the beginnings of Christianity about believing, worshipping and living as God’s people today.
  4. The Anglican Church – Our Story
    Explore how the Christian gospel reached the British Isles, how the Church of England was formed and how the Anglican Church has influenced Australia’s history.
  5. Confessing our Faith
    What do I believe and how can I express my faith more clearly?
  6. Serving Christ Today
    How do we live as disciples of Jesus Christ in our lifestyle, mission, stewardship and calling?
  7. Performing the Gospel – new ministry unit for 2019!
    How do we worship God by performing the gospel in liturgy and lifestyle?

Is the Australis Certificate of Ministry for me?

The Certificate course is ideal for anybody who wants to learn about and deepen their faith. You will fit right in if you are:

  • A Christian wishing to explore issues of faith and church
  • involved in worship and music ministries
  • a retiree wishing to study in your new leisure time
  • testing your vocation
  • a member of a parish pastoral teams, or;
  • engaged in Church agencies and welfare organisations

Can I study the Australis Certificate of Ministry on my own?

One of the great strengths of the certificate is collaborative learning. All students need to be part of a facilitated group. If you are not aware of any groups in your area, click here for information about getting a group started.

If you are currently tutoring a group, please download this feedback form form for each student to complete during the last session.