The Churches Constitution Act (1854) of the Parliament of Victoria empowers Synods in Victoria to make ordinances for the order and good government of the Church within the Diocese concerned.  The Synod of the Diocese of Bendigo comprises approximately 120 members, being ex-officio members, clergy and two lay people elected by each parish or congregation. Synod meets annually to discuss and debate matters relevant to the life of the diocese.

Bendigo Diocesan Trusts Corporation
The Bendigo Diocesan Trusts Corporation was incorporated in 1905 under the Anglican Trusts Corporation Act 1884 of the Parliament of Victoria. It acts as trustee for some 131 property titles across the diocese, primarily churches, church halls and rectories. The Trusts Corporation also holds funds from bequests for individual churches or parishes in the diocese.

Bendigo Anglican Diocesan Corporation
The Bendigo Anglican Diocesan Corporation was registered under the Corporations Act 2001 on 16 September 2014. The Corporation is responsible for the employment and day-to-day operational matters of the diocese. The membership of the Board of Directors of the Corporation mirrors the membership of the Bishop in Council.

Bishop in Council
Broadly, the Council has the following responsibilities:

  • With the Bishop, to act in initiating, developing and maintaining the life and mission of the Church both within and beyond the diocese;
  • To deliberate and confer upon all matters affecting the interests of the Church and/or referred to it by Synod. For such purposes it can receive submissions from parishes, persons and organisations involved in the life and mission of the diocese.

The Council comprises of 16 people (ex-officio, clergy and lay) and meets on at least four occasions each year.

Diocesan Executive Committee
The Diocesan Executive Committee exercises all powers conferred on it by the Council under the Bishop in Council Act and any other Act of Synod, managing primarily all major property, legal and financial matters. The Executive Committee comprises of seven members and meets monthly. It reports its decisions in writing to the next meeting of the Bishop in Council.

Senior Leadership Team
The Senior Leadership Team (SLT) was established in 2013 to assist the bishop in the running of the diocese. It consists of the Bishop, the Vicar General, the Archdeacons, the Registrar and the Dean who meet monthly to discuss diocesan matters.