Lay Safe Ministry Clearances

The Anglican Church is committed to doing everything we can to ensure that our churches are safe for all who participate in church activities – including our volunteers. That is why we require everyone who has a ministry role within the church to meet specific standards of personal conduct.

Lay Safe Ministry Clearances Policy

The Anglican Church of Australia has established standards of conduct for church workers to maintain a safe and healthy ministry environment. Our commitment to these standards requires that we conduct screening and training for all persons who intend to engage in lay ministry in the Anglican Diocese of Bendigo.

Applying for a Lay Safe Ministry Clearance

You can apply for a Lay Safe Ministry Clearance through the online application form below:

Lay Safe Ministry Clearance application

Once you have submitted this form, you will need to undertake the required clearances.

Clearance Levels

The Lay Safe Ministry Clearances policy outlines the clearance levels and what roles fall under each level.

The Registry is currently only taking applications from Level A – people working with children as a priority. Applications from individuals in other roles and Levels B & C will be opened in 2023 to synchronise with the new three year term for Parish Office Bearers. 

Level A

Lay Safe Ministry Clearances – Level A instructions

People in Level A will be required to complete:

Information and Instructions: