As part of ensuring that our churches are safe places, the Anglican Diocese of Bendigo has adopted the following Safe Church policies:

Child Safe Policy
The Anglican Diocese of Bendigo welcomes the report of the Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry into the Handling of Child Abuse by Religious and Other Organisations (2013), known generally as the Betrayal of Trust enquiry, and the consequent legislated child safe standards.

The intention of this policy is to protect and empower our children and to guide our staff and volunteers on how to behave with children in our organisation.

Safe Church Policy
This policy aims to minimise the risk of abuse or ministry misconduct, ensure that all cases of suspected abuse and misconduct are handled thoroughly and ensure that leaders and programs are safe.

Privacy Policy
The Privacy Policy provides formal guidelines for parishes to ensure the protection of people’s privacy in accordance with the Australian National Privacy Principles. The policy encourages sensitivity and respect for individuals in the collection and use of information for church purposes as well as open and transparent management of personal information.

Communication Policy
This policy helps ensure communication and the sharing and providing of information between church members is appropriate, timely and related to church matters only.

Electronic Communication Guidelines
The Electronic Communication Guidelines provide church leaders with appropriate direction when using electronic communication, such as email, SMS and social networking, with children or young people.