It is the responsibility of each parish to care for its buildings. There are a range of forms, flowcharts, checklists and guides to help you manage your parish property.

Please note all contracts with regards to property, including leases of parish property, must be signed by Diocesan Trustees. Parishes and Churchwardens do not have any legal standing to sign any contracts.

To be completed for the proposed additions to, alteration or removal of fittings, furniture of ornaments of any church or parochial building. The form must be affixed to the church door or displayed in a prominent position for a continuous period of 14 days. A copy must also be sent to the Registry.

Added Monday March 20 2017

Closure of church property - flowchart

This flowchart outlines the process for the diocese to sell any church property or buildings, including the permissions required what is to happen to items in the building and how the sale process is managed. See also the pastoral flowchart for management of pastoral issues associated with the closure of church property.

Added Monday March 20 2017

Faculty Application Form

For the proposed additions to, alteration or removal of the Fittings, Furniture or Ornaments of any Church or Parochial Building.

Added Wednesday December 21 2022