The Bendigo Anglican Diocesan Corporation holds a small number of vehicles in trust for the appropriate needs of the diocese and parishes.

For parishes that need a vehicle, this must be arranged through the Registrar to ensure all registrations and insurance requirements are in place.

Approved Driver Application

For children’s safety, please advise volunteers that two adults need to be present at all times, including if transporting children by car. If parishioners are to be driving other parishioners or their children around an approved driver application should be completed.

Added Thursday May 30 2019

Vehicle Fleet Policy and Procedure

The Vehicle Fleet Policy and Procedure of the Anglican Diocese of Bendigo has been designed to ensure that safe driving practices are implemented for clergy, staff and volunteers who are authorised to drive a fleet vehicle or fleet pool vehicle as part of their activities.

Added Friday April 21 2017

Vehicle Fleet Policy Cover Sheet

A summary of four documents that have been developed to enable parishes to  purchase and use vehicles, which are held in trust by the Diocese as the legal entity able to register vehicles.

Added Friday April 21 2017