16 Days of Activism against Gender-based Violence

Click below for a resource developed by Mother’s Union – Bendigo Diocese, for personal use during the worldwide campaign against gender-based violence (25th Nov – 10th Dec). Please print copies or share it electronically so that we can join together to pray for justice, safety and peace for all people:


Bendigo MU – 16 days 2022 – Prayer Booklet A5

(To print the Prayer Diary as an A5 booklet:

  1.       Open the document
  2.       Select: Print
  3.       Printer Properties
  4.       Select Finishing
  5.       Booklet Creation
  6.       Booklet Fold)


This resource is a tangible and important step towards enacting the ‘10 Commitments for preventing and responding to domestic and family violence’ which was passed at Bendigo Synod earlier this year. #6 Our Church actions are directed by the gospel of love, peace and justice, and are informed and engaged with local, state and national government initiatives as appropriate.


Below is a flyer for 16 days of events organized by Bendigo City Council (in person & online). Please check your local councils for relevant info about events in your area:




St Paul’s Cathedral will also be posting the prayers and a reflection for each of the 16 days on their Facebook page.

Parishes are invited to share the posts on their own FB pages.