Bishopric Electoral Board Open Consultation

1.45pm, Saturday, 27 May at St Mary’s Kangaroo Flat

The Bishopric Electoral Board will hold an open diocesan meeting to explain the process for the appointment of the bishop and seek parishioners feedback.

Everyone is welcome to attend the session – it is not limited to Synod attendees. We will provide more information about how this session will be conducted closer to the time.  Please make this date and invitation widely known within your parish, as we are seeking a large attendance and input from as many people as possible.

This will not be the only opportunity for parishioners to have their say on the qualities and requirements that they believe we should be seeking in our new Bishop.  The Board is working on a number of other means to get feedback, including online surveys, or extra meetings.  More information will be provided in due course.

It is critical we hear parishioners thoughts on the desirable qualities and requirements of our new Bishop.  The outcome will be used as a basis for people to make informed nominations.  It will also be used to guide our assessment of  shortlisted candidates.

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