Synod 2023 (26 & 27 May)

The first session of the Forty-Second Synod starts at 5pm with registration & dinner at:

Holy Trinity, Keck Street, Flora Hill

Synod service

The Synod service will take place in Holy Trinity, South East Bendigo at 9.00am on Saturday 27 May. The business session of Synod will resume at 11.00am.

Attendance at Synod
As a Synod representative you have been elected by your Parish for the duration of Synod.
In the event that a representative is unable to attend, ‘The Synod Act’ clearly states the following;
(1) Any lay member who is unable to attend any session of the Synod shall notify the Registrar in writing of such inability and the Registrar shall advise the Bishop accordingly.
(2) Upon receipt of advice pursuant to the preceding sub-section, the Bishop shall summon a supplementary lay member to attend the session in the place of the person unable to attend.
(3) During the session of Synod to which the supplementary lay member was summoned to attend, that person shall assume for all purposes the seat of the lay member who was unable to attend.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact the Registry on 5443 4711 or by email via