Bendigo celebrates 30 years of women ordained as priests

On 19 December 1992, The Reverend
Carlie Hannah, Deacon at Charlton
parish was ordained priest in St Paul’s
Cathedral, Bendigo. She would be the
first woman ordained priest in this
diocese and the only woman priest in
the diocese for several years. Carlie
returned to Bendigo on 20 November
to celebrate with her colleagues: those
ordained in this diocese since 1992 and
those whom she knew from other parts
of the church.
As the preacher, The Revd Willy Maddock
reminded us the ordination of women in
several dioceses in Australia in 1992 was
the single most important event in the life
of the church in 30 years. Many younger
clergy do not realise that this has not
always been so. Nor do they realise that
just over 30 years ago it was impossible.
“How quickly history gets forgotten” she
said, “with the attendant danger that the
lessons learned could all too easily be
forgotten and the church go backwards
in dealing with half the human race! We
really need to remember.”
The day itself was a great celebration
with several women ordained in this
diocese returning for the day. The smiles
in the photos say it all!