Ian Dallas concludes as Chancellor

25 May 2024 | Sarah Crutch

Ian Dallas will conclude his role as Chancellor at the end of the year after 21 years.

Ian was appointed to the role on 1 January 2004 by Bishop Andrew Curnow and has contributed significantly to the achievements and progress of the diocese in that time.

Bishop Andrew Curnow appeared by video to thank Ian, noting his efforts in a range of areas including governance, finance, professional standards, administration, Bencourt Care, New Horizons as well as church law.

“I appreciated your wisdom, advice, understanding and faith,” he said. “The way in which you gave time and your patience to work through often complex and challenging issues I will never forget.”

Dale Barclay spoke on behalf of the Synod, noting Ian’s considered and gentle demeanor at Synod, his ability to present complex legislation in a way that could be understood by Synod members and his willingness to talk through matters with clergy.

Bishop Matt praised Ian’s gifts, commending him as one of the best Chancellor’s he has worked with.

In responding, Ian shared, “It’s always been my view that the law should serve the people, and that’s what I tried to do for the diocese.”