Mooroopna welcomes Simon Robinson as new rector

In 2003 Simon Robinson was an inquisitive visitor, and not very impressed or even interested in the Anglican tradition. Fast forward to 2019 and Simon has returned to us after 15 years in God’s service and was inducted to Mooroopna Anglican Church as a changed man.

With great support from many ministers across the diocese and with Bishop Matt Brain presiding, Simon entered the ‘Church @ the Canteen’ with a famous Johnny Cash song Ain‘t no Grave.

This set the scene for an engaging night of celebration and worship as Simon shared his story of wrestling with God, hearing God’s call to Mooroopna, and the transition from the Gannawarra Cluster.

As Simon spoke, he said he felt like he was returning to his spiritual home, but at the same time he was very conscious of the struggle to leave the Gannawarra people he had worked with and served for the last eight years.

During the service the singing and atmosphere was delightful as over 100 patrons joined together and worshiped the Lord with full voice and great cheer.

Simon and his wife Katrina were welcomed to Mooroopna by the Mayor, local clergy, and of course the people of Mooroopna Anglican Church. Bishop Matt then spoke of the wealth and well being we have here in Australia and of our need to be mindful of so many others less fortunate in this world, and in this great land of the Holy Spirit.

The supper after the service was a tremendous time of food and conversation, as people from across the diocese caught up with one another and were encouraged by everyone’s enthusiasm for this next season in God.

Lots of prayer and lots of expectation is gathering to see what God might be calling us to be and do, in 2019 and beyond.

We give special thanks to Bishop Matt for being with us, and for looking out for us both practically and spiritually, over the last 12 months.

Thanks also to those who helped with preparations for the evening. It was one of those very inspiring nights that we all need, to remind us of the grace and goodness of God!

Ian Andrews
Parish of Mooroopna