New ministry for Gannawarra Cluster

The Revd Sue Allen is the new Pastor to the Gannawarra Cluster, being formally inducted on Friday, 26 July surrounded by family, friends and colleagues at St John’s, Kerang.

Parishioners from across the towns of the Gannawarra, including Kerang, Cohuna, Leitchville and Gunbower, joined together to welcome Sue into her new ministry, presenting her with various symbols of ministry.

Sue will lead the parishes of Kerang and Cohuna in worship and be mentored by the Revd Peter Blundell who will also help the parishes with their governance and administration.

Sue is already well known amongst the people of the two parishes and is familiar with the district, living nearby on a sheep and grain farm at Mitiamo with her husband Neil.

“She is passionate to see people nurtured in God’s ways and the church reach out into the community,” Bishop Matt said.

“Sue and Neil have the added gift of knowing the district into which Sue will pastor as locals. They have lived the life of the Gannawarra for many years,” he added.

Sue was ordained in the diocese in 2009 as an Ordained Pioneer Minister. She has previously worked as a Community Chaplain throughout times of drought and flood through the Dingee Bush Nursing Centre and most recently at East Loddon P-12 College for 12 years as chaplain to the students.

“The ministry the Lord has called me to is to the least, the lost and the lonely (Luke 4:17-21) and it continues to challenge and encourage me. It continues to inspire me on how to conduct myself, those I am called to work with and how I am to pray for, and with, those in our churches and communities.”

“I come into the Gannawarra Cluster with excitement as your Pastor and look forward to working together in extending the kingdom of God in this community,” Sue said.