Ordained for God’s service


Three ordinands will begin their new ministries as deacons and priest with Fiona Preston, Rob Edwards and Karen Reid being ordained by Bishop Matt Brain on Saturday, 30 November.

All three ordinands are from the Parish of South East Bendigo and were well supported with the Cathedral full to capacity with 300 people and 30 children as they committed themselves to their new ministries.

Throwing back to his days as a youth minister, Bishop Matt addressed the lively group of kids talking them through the special ordination service and giving them an activity that showed the special gifts the congregation prayed God will give the candidates.

Preaching from Matthew 4: 18-22, Archdeacon Anne McKenna highlighted the way the ordinands’ lives are to be totally God focused.

“You have been called by God to be set apart – to not just ‘do’ certain jobs and tasks as set by the Church, but to be passionate persons called and loved by God, fed by God, and led by God to do the work of the kingdom.”

Fiona, Rob and Karen are already in active ministry of some form, serving alongside each other in the Parish of South East Bendigo.

Fiona Preston will continue her ministry as a Pioneer Deacon and Community Chaplain seeking to connect with those outside the church. Fiona has already organised a successful Women’s Gathering in September in addition to beginning prison chaplaincy at Tarrengower Women’s Prison.

Serving as the Youth and Children’s Minister at Holy Trinity for over 14 years, Rob Edwards felt the call to ordination in obedience to God as a natural next step in his ministry and will continue in the parish as a deacon.

Karen Reid has had a busy first year in ordained ministry, serving as Curate following her deaconing in March and managing the various demands of the parish following the departure of Rector Greg Harris in June. Karen will continue as part of the ministry team, now as a priest and an embedded part of the ministry team.

The service was a wonderful celebration of Fiona, Rob and Karen.

Sarah Crutch