Worship at Home

As we are in and out of seasons of lockdown, or as other things may prevent us from gathering together for worship, here are some resources to help you worship at home, over the phone or online.

Psalms Devotional – Seasons of the Soul
This little devotional booklet looks at four representative Psalms, songs of Joy, of Yearning, of Lament and Hope. It is our prayer that no matter what season you find yourself, something in these reflections, and more significantly in the Psalms themselves will resonate with you and help resource your worship.
You can access the booklet here.

Online Worship Service Videos
Find links to recorded online worship services here.
Find instructions to joining or conducting online worship here.

Short Videos of Reflection and Encouragement
Be encouraged by these short videos each week from +Matt and Archdeacon George.

Praying for Parishes and Ministries in the Diocese of Bendigo
Use the Prayer Diary to help fuel your prayers.

Opportunities to be Generous and Care from Home
Supporting the church in the Karen State
Giving to an Afghan Humanitarian Appeal
Partnering with Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands
Advocating for Afghan Refugees to the Australian Government