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Reports to Executive Committee - Template

This Report Template must be completed and submitted to the Registry before the last Monday of the month. The form is to be accompanied by all relevant documentation, including a Parish Council minute recommending the proposal (i.e. it must have Parish Council support). Examples of reports that should come to the Executive for decision include:

  • All building or property (capital) projects undertaken in the Diocese of Bendigo which are (see Property Projects Template):
    • In excess of $5,000 and/or
    • To be funded from monies held in Trust and/or
    • Including a building contract
  • Signage on property
  • Proposals for Leases of property either as a Landlord (see information sheet) or a Tenant
  • Contracts of any kind
  • Memorandums of Understanding
  • Grant applications
  • Trust fund withdrawal applications of more than $5,000 (these must be accompanied by a completed Trust Fund Withdrawal Form)
  • A proposal to use trust funds in the short term, as part of a longer term “Parish Sustainability Plan”. (Parishes will have spoken to the Bishop, Archdeacon or General Manager/Registrar to arrive at this point).
  • Proposals to employ a person at the Parish (Parishes cannot employ people directly as they are not incorporated entities, all people must be employed via the Bendigo Anglican Diocesan Corporation)
All of the above require the approval of the Executive before being enacted.

Added Friday August 09 2019

Safe Church Policy

The Safe Church Policy aims to ensure that leaders and programs within our churches, parishes and congregations are safe and that all people are respected and valued.

Added Wednesday March 22 2017

Safe Church Resources Summary

A list of the resources available to parishes on the diocesan website to support the ongoing implementation and review of Safe Church practices. Our Diocese is committed to holistic  approach to Safe Ministries.  We commit to our pastoral, insurance, legal and duty of care obligations; with its goal that all ministries are spiritually, emotionally and physically safe; based on the premise that Diocesan parishes, ministries and related activities should be abuse-free and harm-free, person valuing and respectful spaces for ministry to God’s glory.

Added Thursday May 30 2019