Property Projects Proposal

All building or property (capital) projects undertaken in the Diocese of Bendigo which are in excess of $5,000 and/or to be funded from monies held in Trust require the approval of the Diocesan Executive Committee (‘the Executive’).

Before you begin, please have the following documents ready to upload in either PDF (preferred), Word, or JPEG file types:

- Parish Council minute approving the proposal and which trust the funds are to be sourced (if applicable);

- Report outlining works to be done including summary and total costs;

- Quotes/invoices for the work; and

- Any other relevant documentation

Click here to fill out and submit a Property Project Proposal.   As we move to online forms, we'd appreciate you using the above link to submit your proposal, however, if you are having difficulty please access the PDF form to print off  in the link below.

Added Thursday May 30 2019