The Parish of Charlton-Donald is situated in North Central Victoria, covering a large rural area that encompasses the farming communities of Wedderburn, Charlton, Donald and Birchip and many districts in-between. The parish comprises of people on the land, with cropping and grazing the primary agricultural activity. The members of the congregations are smaller in number yet ever faithful in supporting ministry in rural Victoria.

Church Locations

St Martin's, Charlton 3 Armstrong Street, Charlton
St George's, Donald Blair Street, Donald
St Paul's, Birchip Rundle Street, Birchip
Holy Trinity, Wedderburn Kerr Street (Corner Wilson St), Wedderburn

Sunday service times

  • Birchip 5pm 1st and 3rd FRIDAY Holy Communion
  • Charlton 9am 1st and 3rd Sunday Holy Communion, 4th Sunday visit to Uniting Church
  • Donald 11am 1st and 3rd Sunday Holy Communion
  • Wedderburn 3.00 pm 1st and 3rd Sunday Holy Communion

Special activities and celebrations

  • Community Outreach
  • Hymn Sing-a-Long
  • Hostel services at Donald, Birchip and Charlton hospitals