The Parish of Inglewood aims to make all members of our community true disciples of Jesus Christ, to clearly reflect Jesus' love and teaching in our lives and to support and encourage Christ's work in the Diocese and the world. It achieves these goals by building loving relationships with non-churched people, taking every God given opportunity to speak the Good News of Jesus, depending on the Holy Spirit through prayer for the advancement of the Kingdom of God, sustaining and developing its faith and mission by reading, trusting, and obeying God's Word and providing worship, programs and activities which allow the Holy Spirit to do His work by being, welcoming, relevant, reverent and vital.

Church Locations

St Augustine's, Inglewood 67 Sullivan Street, Inglewood 3517
Holy Trinity, Bridgewater 44 Calder Highway, Bridgewater 3516
St John the Evangelist, Newbridge 2102 Wimmera Highway, Newbridge 3551

Sunday service times

  • St Augustine's, Inglewood 9 am each Sunday (except 5th Sunday)
  • Holy Trinity, Bridgewater 9 am 5th Sunday of the Month