Trust Withdrawal Application Form

Many trusts have specific conditions that limit the amount that can be withdrawn from the trust and/or the purpose to which the trust funds can be applied. As Trustee, the Diocese is obliged by law to ensure that these conditions are complied with. As a consequence, please do not assume that the full value of the Trust is automatically available for any purpose. If you have any questions about which Trust funds are available the Registry Staff will be happy to assist you.

Withdrawal requests of a higher value (over $5,000) or requesting a withdrawal of the corpus of the trust must be approved by the Executive. The Executive normally only meets monthly, so additional time for this approval may be required.

  All submissions are required to receive a full 'set' of documentation, including any quotes for works to be undertaken (if this is relevant) as well as a copy of your parish council meeting minutes that show the matter has been discussed and is supported.    

If the Trust Withdrawal Request is to fund a Property Project, please submit a Property Project Proposal first, by clicking here.

To submit a Trust Withdrawal Application Form, please click here.

Added Tuesday May 04 2021